Posted March 26, 2014 by John Baintree in News

10 reasons you keep losing when you gamble

10 reasons you keep losing when you gamble
10 reasons you keep losing when you gamble

We all understand that the odds are always stacked against you, especially when you enjoy playing the casinos. So what exactly is it that keeps us hooked into the loosing situation. There are a number of clever techniques used by the larger casinos to keep you fixed and parting with your hard earned stake money. Here are ten straightforward ways that the large operators increase the odds of you getting out with no cash in your pocket.


No clocks  - famously casinos never display the time for you to realise how long you have been playing.  Closely engaged in the gambling experience, people will always feel that time is passing more quickly than it actually is.


No windows – who wants to be reminded that it’s a glorious day outside when you’re having so much fun feeding the slots? Alongside having no clocks, no windows are also a great way of helping you forget that you’ve been gambling from morn till night.


Sounds and lights all around  - bells, lights, change clanging, beeps, whirs and wails are all part of the background cacophony that is the sound of a casino. Remember while you are playing a machine that the more you lose, the more noise the machine makes to keep you paling more. Far from the sound of people wining, it’s the sound of losing, spin after spin after spin.


Atmosphere – go beyond the brash slot machine halls and enter the bars, lounges and even the gaming rooms and you are overwhelmed by an air of tranquillity. Casinos strive to create the atmosphere you create at home, relaxing, listening to your favourite music, watching you favourite TV program. The carpets will be swirled with dazzling patterns designed to mesmerise you into staying even more.


Finding the loo – or looking for something to eat or even the bar is a journey to the very centre of the casino. As far away from the outside as it is possible to get, the service areas are always from the entrance, just in case you decide to make a run for it. Locating the services in this way means that you then have to run the gauntlet of the games floors before your breakout.


Near Wins – a near win provides almost as much adrenaline as winning itself. Not surprisingly, if you play the slots, expect to have your near wins trumped loudly. By doing this you are encouraged, with small wins and near misses to keep feeding the machine in the hope for a large win that never comes.


Don’t forget the freebies – Complementary meals and services, called comps in the business are the lifeblood of the casino. Free meals, free buffets and shows can all be used to tempt you to remain loyal to a casino’s particular gaming experience.


Booze – Another freebie but worthy of its own slot. Everyone likes a free drink and the casino knows that booze makes your decision making sloppy.


Looking after the high rollers – if you’ve made a big win, expect to be looked after like royalty. Not because they love you, simply because they want to tempt you in to take you win off you.


Casino design – giant mazes that are designed to confuse you and get you lost. Along the way expect to encounter a range of temptations designed to keep you playing, to keep you loosing.