Posted May 28, 2014 by John Baintree in News

5 of the world’s weirdest casinos


Taking time out to plan a casino holiday? So where’s it going to be? If you’re like thirty-eight percent of Americans, it could well be. If you’re like the rest it may well be Atlantic City and if you are super adventurous, Macau. But wait, before you book those tickets think on. You need your chosen resort to have that something extra about it, that something that will take away the sting of all your losses (you’re still not planning on winning are you?) What follows is a quick rundown of five of the world’s weirdest casino resorts that might just fit the bill.

Desert Cave Hotel, South Australia – Set in the midst of Ozzie opal mining country, the biggest challenge facing the locals is how to stay cool. Solution? Build everything underground, including the casino. The Desert Cave Hotel is built in underground dugouts and all of its facilities, including its casino are situated in the cooling dug outs the area is known for.

Black Bear Casino Resort, Carlton Minnesota – it’s weird for a completely different reason. Our American cousins over in Carlton, Minnesota wanted to find a way of putting their Black Bear Casino resort on the map. So, in 2102 they contacted the Guinness Book of World Records about their attempt to create the world’s largest cheeseburger. Weighing in at a slip over 2,014 pounds, it needed a crane to flip it successfully. Now, do you think they’ll serve me one at the tables?

Imperial Hotel, Cripple Creek, Colorado

It doesn’t get much weirder than the paranormal and that’s what you’ll find in Cripple Creek, Colorado, the Imperial Hotel to be precise. Built in 1896, by American standards this place is positively ancient. It’s very old fashioned and the original owner, George Long and his disturbed daughter still roam the corridors and are even said to enjoy playing the slots after closing time (a casino that closes?)

Resort World, Genting, Malasia – located just over the top of a mountain range (have they nothing better to do with their time) this resort is billed as a resort where heavy loosers can throw themselves over one of the many cliff tops that surround the resort. Getting there is also a bit of a blast as you need to take a bus ride from Kuala Lumpar and follow that with a cable car journey that takes you over the mountain top and into the resort.

Prairie Knights Casino, Fort Yates, North Dakota – if you Google Fort Yates in North Dakota, you’ll find out that it has an official population of 124. Goodness only knows how this casino operates as the nearest airport is two hours drive away and all you can see from the car is those desolate homesteads as the tumbleweed blows across the road in front of you. Desolate it may be but there, it most certainly is with 700 slots, blackjack, craps and poker to boast of.