Posted May 28, 2014 by John Baintree in News

9 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Gambling


When the last Labour government relaxed the controls on gambling in the United Kingdom they were part of the vanguard of forward thinking, liberal, governments across the world who felt it was right to trust people to look after their gambling habits themselves. Little did they realise how unscrupulous our High Street bookies would become.

1 You cannot win, think about it, who would run a business that was doomed to make a loss because the customers were always taking the winnings? The industry earns $90 billion annually in the United States only because punters loose time after time.

2 Even if you are lucky enough to win you still might not get paid. Casinos, lotteries, and gambling premises in general always look for an opportunity not to pay out. Slot machine malfunctions, lottery errors or even incorrect betting slips have all be used to devastating effect.

3 Casinos over promise and under deliver as they style themselves as the bastion of the local community. They claim they create jobs, they claim they drive increased in business volumes, and  pay massive tax bills. The reality is that many jobs barely exceed the national minimum wage and the massive profits they make from their Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) go back to shareholders and bypass local communities.

4 Casinos know all about you – once you sign on the dotted line the casinos understand exactly how to find out all about you. Statistics, research and smart marketing – how else do you think they manage to know exactly what type of card to send on your birthday – scary Big Brother stuff.

5 Gambling makes a poor investment; it is not an investment at all so just don’t go there!

6 Casinos stay in business because of addicts – not all addicts have bad skin and needle marks on their arms. Harsh but true, and the gambling industry makes millions out of the ever increasing levels of desperation it is creating.

7 Gambling exploits the elderly- and any other disadvantaged group in our communities for that matter! Online Bingo games target those people who can’t get out and about. The elderly today are subjected to a never-ending campaign of bingo marketing on afternoon and early evening TV.

8 Gambling business is big business and uses lobby firms to keep the government of the day in their pocket. OK – the current government seems to be pushing back at the gambling industry about FOBTS but look at how far they have stopped short of an outright ban on FOBTs. Now ask yourself why.

9 Even our children are being targeted, just visit your local arcade and check out the branding on the one armed bandits. Don’t be surprised to find One Direction and Helllo Kitty being used.