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A Look Inside Foxwoods Resort Casino


Foxwords Resort Casino is unique from other casinos due to its heritage and the way in which it is managed. Owned by the Mashantucket Pequot tribe, the casino operates within the reserve of the Pequot people in Connecticut. The history of the tribe is troubled, but interesting nonetheless, with the Pequot people facing near extinction in the early 20th Century. After a legal affair in 1980s, the Pequot people were legally allowed to purchase the land which now acts as the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation, the site in which Foxwoods is based. Over the past 3 decades the casino has expanded and come to be known as one of the largest in the world, with a wide array of facilities.


The Experience

As this article in the NY Times highlights, anyone looking for a sexy, sleek casino experience will not find it at Foxwoods. Foxwoods caters to a different crowd than those who would be visiting Vegas, with Foxwoods looking to accommodate eager gamblers from within Connecticut and its surrounding states. This may come as welcome news to gamblers who deem that the extravagance of Vegas is over the top. That is not to say that Foxwoods does not operate on a grand scale, because it does. The resort consists of 7 casinos with 2,266 hotel rooms – all in all the complex is housed within 440,000 m/sq, making Foxwoods the second largest Casino in the United States.


Foxwoods Casino GamesWithin this expansive space there are 5 hotels: the Grand Pequot; The Villas, which offers luxury accommodation; the Great Cedar Hotel, which is offers comfy, modern rooms; the Two Trees Inn, which offers a country inn style escape away from the hustle and bustle of the main casinos; and the MGM Grand, which is the most recent addition to the roster. As you can see, the hotels cater to all tastes, so it is easy to find a room which you will like, whether that is in the heart of the action, or distanced further away.


Foxwoods regularly attracts around 40,000 visitors at the weekend, and all those visitors need entertainment outlets other than gambling. Luckily, Foxwoods comes well equipped with entertainment and leisure facilities, as well as a wide array of restaurants. The resort covers all aspects of dining, offering an extensive array of fast food, from Subway to Chinese take-out. In addition to this, the resort is also home to many more traditional restaurants, ranging from casual restaurants, such as the Hard Rock Cafe, to more expensive, gourmet offerings. In addition to this there is also a buffet which offers a good variety of food. So all in all, in regards to dining, Foxwoods will have something that even the fussiest of eaters can enjoy. In addition to this, the resort has many well established entertainment facilities, including an expansive arcade for kids and teenagers (or young-at-heart adults!), and various live venues, such as the MGM Grand Theatre, which attracts decent shows and live music. Foxwoods also has some shops on the site – those expecting a Vegas style outlet experience will be disappointed. The stores have limited scope, there aren’t that many of them, and some of them are set out to resemble a flea market. This is fine for a casual, informal browse, but efforts from high rollers looking to splash their cash may be wasted.


So now we have established that Foxwoods can keep people occupied without setting foot onto the casino floor, let us now look at features that really matter – the gaming.


Gaming Facilities

Foxwoods Casino Resort has over 350 gaming tables ready for gamblers to sit and play at, which feature 17 varieties of casino games. These range from casino classics, such as blackjack, to more obscure games, with Foxwoods having its own ‘Asian games’ section. The casino also has various high stakes room for high rollers who are looking to play with some seriously large money. Foxwoods also has around 6300 slot machines and bingo facilities (which are where Foxwoods humble beginnings originate from). Another exciting aspect of the casino is the sports betting facilities have, where gamblers can bet on horse and dog races, as well as sport of jai alai. Another huge draw for the casino comes in the form of its poker room. The WPT World Tour poker room is the 3rd largest poker room in the world, boasting a staggering 114 tables.


While Foxwoods my not have the draw of Vegas in terms of how ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ it is, the casino caters to a different audience. The Foxwoods Resort has made gambling accessible for those Americans situated on the east coast of the country, which means a trip to Foxwoods is seen as less of an event to many of its visitors – the casino does not pose a threat to Vegas in terms of being the gambling capital of the states. That being said, the resort is still expansive, catering well to all the needs of its many visitors. So if Vegas is out of the question, then you should give Foxwoods a visit.