Posted February 17, 2014 by John Baintree in News

The biggest sporting events of 2014


For most of us,  watching the biggest sporting events of 2014 up close and personal will mean racking up significant travel costs as they seem to spread across the four corners of the globe. If your credit card is maxed out or if EasyJet/Ryan Air can’t get you there, then chances are you can get just as close with TV or on line coverage. Here’s a selection of what to expect during 2014.

Winter Olympics

As if it needed any other introduction, this winter sees Sochi , a Black Sea resort, host this winter’s games.  Hot on the tales of London 2012 the question is whether political angst will overshadow what is always a tremendous sporting spectacle or whether the sport is what Socchi is remembered for. If you’ve not got your tickets of flights yet, chances are it’s going to cost you dear as you can’t fly there direct.

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

This is always a bit of a conundrum this one.  It’s hardly up there with the F.A. cup final but the event still garners around 7.5 million viewers in the UK. It’s when you look at the international figures that eyebrows rise. Seen across 112 countries it is estimated that the event is watched  by some 120 million people. For the best up close and personal view head for the north bank of the river by Hammersmith Bridge but get there early – there’s not a lot of room.

Monaco Grand Prix

If you’re looking for glamour then this is indisputably the event not to miss. As if Formula 1 was not glamorous enough, combine it with the A list potential of the French Riviera and you have an event that is pure red carpet. Recent years has seen F1 racing become even more exciting as broadcasting technology puts you in the car with the driver. A spin around the road circuit that is the Monaco Grand Prix track really does place you at the heart of the action.

Royal Ascot

Anything with Royal in the title is a huge draw for the champagne swilling crowd and Royal Ascot is certainly no exception. Famous as much for its celebrities (Royal and not so Royal)  as much as for its racing it is a huge draw and sees upwards of 300,000 race goers watching the finest horses the sport of Kings has to offer in any given season.