Posted April 2, 2014 by John Baintree in News

Candy Crush the Science behind our Addiction


OMG – they said if you’re going to write it – live it first!  I’ve just downloaded Candy Crush and in a short five minutes of play I seem to have experienced a sugar rush, all of my own.

Candy Crush seems to be the latest gaming phenomenon. Even in the world of online gaming the numbers behind Candy Crush are so staggering that you need to read them once and then read them again to check that they are correct. In it’s first year since launch, it has been played a staggering 151 BILLION times – once again – 151 BILLION. In the modern world of monetisation (lovely word dear readers) Candy Crush is generating $875,000 daily (did you get that $875,000 daily) where as Angry Birds another top ten game can only manage $6,300 a day.

So how successful is the game and what exactly is it that drives that success. Firstly, after its recent IPO, Kong Digital’s stock price has fallen by 13 percent giving rise to more than a smattering of “Yah boo sucks told you so” commentary. The price drop really raises more questions about the valuing of IPOs than it does about the value of Candy Crush so back to the game.

What makes it so successful is the truly addictive nature of the game. In my first five minutes of play I cleared three levels having been set ridiculously easy targets. Result? I want to go back and improve on my early success. Apart from this what else can I look forward to in my new found hobby?

I can expect to play with one hand only – how truly smartphone and 21st century is that, I just need to think of something to do with then other hard (easyTiger…) and I’m truly sorted.

There’s also a fat chance of me getting bored (honest I mean it) because the development team are constantly releasing new levels for the game. With two new levels I guess I need to limit myself just in case I get to the top.

The close attention to feedback from player is also key to making this game so addictive. When players started voicing concerns about level 65 being impossible on Facebook the developers released a number of fixes that simplified the level – great idea that, give your customers what they want.