Posted March 27, 2014 by John Baintree in News

How casinos keep you gambling


No matter how hard you try, you’ll never match the legendary success of such figures as James Bond in Casino Royale. Why not? Well it’s because the house always wins but what we don’t necessarily understand is why the house always wins. With the odds stacked against you, it’s a simple exercise to persuade you to gamble for longer and the casinos keep raking it in. What follows are some of the more outrageous tactics used by casinos to keep punters glued to their seats.

1 Subliminal slots

For years subliminal messaging has been an outlawed practice in terms of advertising. As a practice, it’s hard to find something more underhand. It’s disturbing then that a number of Canadian casinos had to withdraw slot machines when it was found they were subliminally displaying five-of-a-kind symbols without any winnings being made.

2 Can’t find the desk to cash in your chips

When you finally decide enough is enough, finding the cash desk to turn your chips back into cash is always a nightmare. Does it seem as though the desk is hidden away? That’s probably because it is, making you walk past even more slots and machines providing you with just one more temptation.

3 Gentle looping hypnotic music

Ever wondered why they play muzak in a supermarket? You know, that mind destroying musical pap, at low enough levels to not notice it’s there? Come across this way of lulling you into a good mood where you’ll part with your money before? You probably have at your local casino – it’s used in the same way, for the same reasons.

4 Oh those carpets!

No, not the epitome of bad taste, glaringly, even jarringly patterned carpets are found in all casinos of a certain type!  The argument goes that the bright colours and eye watering patters keep you awake. By stopping you feel tired the casino encourages you to stay and gamble more.

5 Additional oxygen

Ever been in the supermarket, smelled the bread and bought some?  Well, managing the air that we breathe is used as a trick in more cases than you might realise. Your friendly local casino will probably be filling the gaming rooms with pure oxygen. It keeps you feeling fresh and awake and capable of gambling your money away for longer without dropping off to sleep.