Posted March 13, 2014 by John Baintree in News

Chanel Fashion Mogul Karl Lagerfeld to Design Macau Casino Hotel

Gambling gets a Makeover
Gambling gets a Makeover

Is it that gambling is now becoming increasingly mainstream or is it something else? Despite its creative appeal the world of Haute Couture, high fashion and all things elegant seems to be giving a nod to the world of chips, punters and chance.

Hot off the press the head designer and creative director of one of the best know fashion houses, Chanel, has announced he is to collaborate in a project to design a Macau based hotel. Opening in 2017 the 20 story hotel will be designed from top to bottom by Lagerfeld.

The announcement by Lagerfeld that he is to partner in an operation so intimate with the world of gambling really does indicate the new acceptable face of gambling across the world. Lagerfeld someone who is prepared to court a degree of controversy as a form of publicity. His most recent fashion show on behalf of Chanel (he designs up to 30 collections for a number of brands every year) was set in the midst of a mock-up of a supermarket. Could then Lagerfeld be acting as a self publicist in his statement about designing the Maccau casino hotel?

He is closely associated with a number of High Street brands such as Fendi, Chloe, Jean Patou and H & M. Clearly a man who‘s brand carries considerable clout and is of great value to himself. Clearly again, someone who would not risk the value of that brand by associating with something of questionable morals.

If any doubt exists about the increasing acceptability of the world of gambling, fellow design house Versace have also indicated their involvement in a similar project. The Lagerfeld project is part of a wider Lisboa Palace complex that also includes a themed hotel designed by Versace. Versace are no strangers to the “branded hotel” concept. Their first foray into the market place of branded hotels was with the Palazzo Versace Hotel on Australia’s Gold Coast. While not a casino resort it clearly indicates the importance of branding to a new hotel development and Lagerfeld and Versace seem to be applying their brand and its acceptability to the world of gambling.