Posted May 27, 2014 by John Baintree in News

How to cheat at poker and get away with it


Cheating and poker seem to have gone hand in hand throughout the history of the game. During the late nineteenth century cheating in poker was very wide spread. It was so bad that the major poker accessory suppliers supplied cheating equipment which they euphemistically labelled “advantage tools.” Today, cheating is far less widespread, but it can still be practised.

It does not matter what cheat you use, it will always offer one of two advantages, either knowledge of what cards an opponent will receive or holding better cards than other players in the game. Whichever cheat is being used it will always depend on the ability of the cheater to deceive other players. Sleight of hand, bluff, and distracting someone’s attention are all techniques that can be used to disguise the cheat itself and by so doing become an integral part of the operation.

A good place to start is to consider how to beat the cut. The initial pre-deal cut should always be used to ensure that the dealer is not dealing their own choice of cards. It does not matter how well you can position the cards in the pack, if the pack is cut, your advantage is lost.

The more brazen amongst you will use bully boy tactics to get away with not offering to cut your fixed deck. Simply shuffle your cards, ensuring your choice of cards is at the top of the pack and then brazenly start to deal without offering the cut. Engaging other players around the table in off-putting banter is a good way of making a challenge for a cut even less likely. Most players can be easily intimidated into allowing you to deal without a cut.

It is also possible to use a slight of hand technique. The Jump is a well-known technique that relies on the dealer offering the cut, which is made with the cut packet placed to the left. The dealer should then pick up the packet and place them in his hand and then top them with the remainder of the deck before dealing. In the Jump, however, the new packet is picked up and placed in the right hand and then immediately transfers it to his left. He then picks up the remainder of the deck and adds it to the packet in his right hand, so the cards are all back where they started.

Of course, to get away with this you’ve got to put a life time of effort into the deception so is it worth risking friends and reputations?