Posted April 28, 2014 by John Baintree in News

Can you consistently beat the bookies?


Can you consistently beat the bookies? This question is often asked and frequently answered with the well known retort “Did you ever see a poor bookie?” Well, I’ve got news for you, my Uncle was a bookie and never had two pots to…., now how did that one end? The reality about beating the bookies (consistently) is, however, perhaps slightly less clear.

What about having a system? If you have a system, you need to keep it to yourself. Bookies are less than positive about gamblers using systems, especially if those systems result in regular wins. Always remember that what ever system you run, the odds you are offered by the bookie are always stacked in their favour.

Can a tipster service help? If you can find s tipster that offers a proven service, find out about the cost of accessing that service. Increasingly, tipsters will tell you about their success rates and their return on investment figures. One UK tipster has recently been offering an ROI of 20 percent.  Remember, to do this you have to stay ahead of the bookies who have all the odds on their side because they set the book to return a profit for them whatever the outcome of an event is.

What do the bookies do to fight back? Remember the bookie always knows what your betting history is like and what your winnings mount up to be.  Once you start to win they will monitor your activity very closely. Restrictions will be placed on your account and odds offered to you will increasingly close out your position. One exception to this MAY be the way you are treated if you successfully bet on horses from a given stable or trainer. If you are backing this with insider knowledge, perhaps from a jockey or a trainer, the bookies will be able to spot this and may be prepared to offer you good odds to encourage you to place a bet. They then have the same insider information they can use to price their books with other punters.

Can you get around this? With technology sitting behind so much of today’s gambling, it is almost impossible to avoid so perhaps the only way is to avoid taking on the bookies and take on your fellow punters. Platforms such as Betfair allow you to pitch odds to other gamblers but remember that you will be charged upwards of 5 percent of your winnings as commission.