Posted March 12, 2014 by John Baintree in News

Too Many Foreigners in the Premier League?

Too Many Foreigners in the Premier League
Too Many Foreigners in the Premier League

Well, I blinked and read the headline and then read it again. Am I missing something? Since when did Nigel Farrage take an interest in the nation’s favourite game? Perhaps I’ve got it wrong, maybe Glen Hoddle is the new UKIP party leader, pitching for your vote at the forthcoming European elections?  Sorry to sound flippant but you have to admit there does seem to be a parallel at first glance but what if we take a second glance.

Glen Hoddle claims that good foreign players are simply blocking the chances of English rising stars. He made his comments as a member of the Football Association commission on how to improve the fortunes of the national side. It just does not seem reasonable this argument. If English players were good enough they would be playing in the top flight of Premier League teams. The likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and and and and would all bite your hand off if you had the requisite talent. They’ll do anything they possibly can to break the round of eye watering pay wards to star players and their associated transfer fees and nurtured home grown talent would be a good way to start.

Greg Dyke, Football Association chairman has announced a controversial plan to limit the number of foreign players in the Premier League. Even with the public support of such stalwarts of the game as Steven Gerrard, it seems completely unlikely that he will get his own way with the Premier League itself and quite right to!

Then of course you can expect the Daily Mail to wade in on this particular type of topic! As long ago as June 2013 they were reporting (is that the word they use to describe it?) on the seemingly, inexorable rise of the non-English player in the Premier league. Apparently, in 1992there were only 13 foreign players in the opening match of first season in 1992 – aaah those were the days! Then they went on to claim that 62 percent of players in the 20th year of the league were wait for it, yes foreign.

Just send ‘em home I say. Well, if we send all those Johnny Foreigner players home things well be OK won’t they. Won’t they? I think not, the reality is that the national game is in the doldrums STILL and overseas (a much less pejorative term than foreign) players are not the cause of the problem, they are a result of the problem. If the English game was producing enough quality players there would be no need to ship in expensive overseas talent.