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Jack Lam in the Spotlight

jack lam casino
jack lam casino

Jack Lam is Chairman of the Jimei Group, one of the largest VIP junket operators in Asia today.  The company controls two of Macau’s most successful gaming companies, Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Macau which attract some of the biggest players in the business.  The Jimei Group has had the foresight to diversify and expand into other industries, including security and wealth management services, tourism, travel and property investment.

Jack Lam was born in the Guangzhou, capital of the Guangdong province of China but moved to Hong Kong in 1979 to work in his uncle’s factory.  Lam began his work life as a bookkeeper and learned about gambling on trips to Macau with his uncle.  By 1981, Jack Lam began working as a sub-agent, developing a sixth sense on the motivations of Asian gamblers and developing relationships in the area and that has enabled him to build an empire.

Jack Lam has run gambling packages to the Philippines with his imaginative Fontana Leisure Parks project, attracting players from Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.  The Fontana complex is a medley of family type holiday villas, hotel, water park, golf courses, fitness centre, restaurants and convention facilities catering to both local and international clients.  Jimei also operates two casino cruise ships, the Xiang Xue Lan from China and South Korea and the M.V. Jimei out of Hong Kong.

A casino operator in his own right (Jimei at the Grand Lapa Hotel in Macau), Lam is looking to expand the gaming industry in other nations, including Singapore and Japan.  Jack Lam predicts the VIP business will continue to expand for many years and reveals that as demand for VIPs increases “Asian markets will need to invest more resources to improve the hardware, software and infrastructure to attract those players.”

Nicknamed the Godfather of Gamin, Lam’s importance and contributions in the gaming industry cannot be overestimated.


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