Posted May 2, 2014 by Debbie in News

The Lack of Female Poker Players

female pokers
female pokers

The modern game of poker is now becoming a sport to watch as well as one to participate in. With the televising of large tournaments, more and more fans are being drawn into the game but there is increasing concern at the under-representation of women.

Despite the success of a number of high profile female players such as Barbara Enright, Cyndy Violette and Annie Duke there are still very few women players recognisable in the upper tiers of the game.

There is an argument that places men as better poker players because the numbers playing in both the pro game and online environments prove that this is the case. This point needs discounting as the reason for the larger numbers of male players can be attributed to the historical aspect. Traditionally, only men played poker which in turn led to recent marketing of the game being targetted at men only. So, a never ending circle was created which saw women excluded.

A similar situation exists as far as the online version of the game. It is generally understood that women don’t play video games in large numbers. Most online gamers are me and consequently when marketing for online poker was presented it similarly addressed men, once again excluding women from the world of poker.

Women are characterised as being weaker players than men, by men themselves. However, there have been no formal studies, academic or commercially sponsored that have demonstrated this point and experience of women in other activities, commerce, industry and sport proves time after time that they should not be written off as the weaker sex.

So women have been repressed in the gaming world, for historical reasons and due to the way the game has been pitched. In the poker world, today’s players, also need to assume some responsibility as their professional game does not attract women players and will not, until it starts to market itself to female audiences and players

So, what of the future for women in poker? Well, we probably won’t see true equality in the game until writers like me stop referring to female poker players and male poker players, after all both are just poker players and we should not discriminate.