Posted October 7, 2013 by John Baintree in News

Why Not Get Married in Las Vegas?

Getting married is one of the rites of passage in life and a wedding can be the most important and memorable day of your life, so getting it all right is essential.  Planning your wedding may be the most stressful experience you’ve had to date in your life; there are so many arrangements to make that the actual planning process can turn into the stuff of nightmares.  That’s why so many people joke about just running off and getting the deed done in the simplest way possible!  Following Gretna Green, Las Vegas has become the most popular place to run off and get married and, contrary to popular opinion, it’s not a tawdry choice.

Yes, there are still drive-through chapels where you where it’s a bit “Wham, bam, thank you Ma’m” and there are plenty of places where the ceremony will be officiated by an Elvis impersonator or even have a couple of celebrity look-alikes as “guests”.  However, getting married in Vegas doesn’t need to be comedy – there are plenty of ways of having the romantic wedding of your dreams in Las Vegas.

Some of the great hotels in Las Vegas offer full service wedding packages, including limo, fab flowers and classy receptions – this is one of the specialities at the Bellagio Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard and the Luxor.  This can be a great option as a lot of the wedding arrangements are made for you – flowers, photographer, reception, etc – this can make for a much more relaxed occasion, taking away much of the organizational stresses.

If you’re after something a bit different, then it doesn’t have to be Elvis officiating – there are plenty of other options available.  What about a Shark Reef Ceremony surrounded by over a million gallons of water and 15 types of shark as onlookers (not guests!)?  This is another full service package that takes much of the stress out of the arrangements and is sure to be a day to remember.

Or what about a Gazebo Wedding in the Garden Chapel of the Flamingo – there’s a variety of options available with this package, including a live ‘Butterfly Release’ to make the day extra special.  The Flamingo offers a choice of chapels for the ceremony, including the Crescendo with its romantic cascades of waterfalls for real fairy tale style.

Whatever type of wedding you choose in Las Vegas, there are legal requirements and other issues to be taken into consideration.  Contrary to some beliefs, Las Vegas weddings are totally legal and you need to provide all the legal documentation that you would need anywhere else when booking the wedding.

Las Vegas really is a lavish place for a wedding and if you’re looking to make your special day memorable in more ways than one, then planning a Las Vegas wedding is a fun choice.  There are so many different types of entertainment in Sin City that you’re sure to enjoy your big day in style.