Posted April 8, 2014 by John Baintree in News

Mobile casinos continue to gain popularity

Mobile casinos continue to gain popularity
Mobile casinos continue to gain popularity

Don’t deny it – mobile casinos are here to stay. No, not the sort where you can expect to see roulette wheels and black jack tables trundling down a high street near you, rather the sort of casino you can access wherever you have an internet connection. It’s you that’s mobile and not the casino.

If you have a Smartphone you will know that you can access the internet almost wherever you are, certainly in the UK. That puts a whole raft of mobile casinos. If you don’t have one yet then as Apple ramps up ready for the launch of its new killer Smarthphone the iPhone 6 and its competitor companies such as Samsung and HTC all bring their latest offerings to market be prepared to be tempted.

Whether you choose an Andriod device (Samsung, HTC) or iOS (Apple) device it doesn’t really matter as the new mobile casinos work through apps on both types of Smartphones.

There are many reasons for the seemingly inexorable rise of mobile casinos with some insight into these being:

  • Convenience of being able to play wherever you like attracts a new type of gambler
  • Mobile casinos also mean you can start your gaming session whenever you like
  • They use little internet bandwidth so are cheap to run, even where the internet is relatively new and expensive
  • Mobile gaming makes a perfect way of generating additional money from an existing online gaming platform
  • It is easy to make safe using standard (and therefore cheap) encryption software
  • Because they offer a limited choice of games they will not take up too much space on an Android or iOS device
  • You have control of the Smarthphone you can control who is using it for gambling
  • You can ink straight to your bank account for making payments and receiving winnings

A mobile casino will offer you a choice of slots, some such as Anubis and Atlantis Treasure which are unique to a given casino where as others such as Agent Jane Bond can be found at a of casinos (13 at the last count for Jane).

Whatever casinos you choose and specific games you play, mobile casinos offer the real chance of avoiding being bored in the bus queue, while waiting at the hairdressers or waiting to see your dentist. Pretty soon, it seems likely you’ll not be able to envisage your life without them.