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The Rise of Modern Gaming

The Rise of Modern Gaming
The Rise of Modern Gaming

Modern gaming is an industry that touches us all in one way or another but what is it that has given rise to the wildfire spread of gaming in such a way. There are three developments that have joined together in a pincer like movement to ensure us into gaming.

The Internet

Since it was envisaged by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in the early 1990s the true potential and nature of the World Wide Web is now beginning to be seen for sure. Originally seen as a way of delivering quantities of computerised text, known as hyper-text, that contained links to other pieces of text, the internet we now use delivers far more functionality to society. The physical nature of the internet, routers communicating with each other and communicating with end user devices such as personal computers has led to a rapid development of technologies that allow businesses to deliver information and facilities anywhere the internet can be accessed.


Gaming has always been tightly controlled by central government and a succession of gambling laws since the end of the Second World War created a restricted world where gaming was tightly controlled for fear of our ability to resist gaming. Since the turn of the century (21st that is) a number of changes have been implemented that make it easier for casinos to operate more easily.

Modern Smarthpones

When we first accessed the internet, via our modems from our desktop computers we were amazed when all that functionality shrank onto our laptops and eventually we were freed from wires by using wireless connection (albeit not particularly securely) when we were out and about with our laptops. We just couldn’t have imagined what they had in store for us next. The ubiquitous mobile phone, so good for texting, let alone for talking to someone while on the go, took a massive leap forward with the invention of the Smartphone. With more computing power than the first desktop PCs these devices meant you could connect to any internet functionality you wanted while you were on the go.

Gaming organisations were soon keen to exploit what the changes in legislation allowed them to do as they created a vast array of gaming applications. Online bingo and poker are now available for  customers who can play them anywhere  and at any time by using the internet and Smartphone technologies.