Posted July 25, 2013 by John Baintree in News

Steve Rittvo in the Spotlight

Steve Rittvo
Steve Rittvo

Steve Rittvo holds a Bachelors Degree in Systems Engineering and a Masters in Transportation Planning and Engineering.  He is President of the Innovation Group which he co-founded in 1993 with Matt Sodl, Steve Szapor,

Rittvo’s expertise in urban planning and traffic engineering led to his introduction to the gaming industry in the early 1990’s and he quickly became a master planner and principal analyst for his debut project.  Steve Rittvo went on to partner Jason Ader (top investment banking gaming analyst with Bear Stearns) to create the Global Gaming Almanac, the industry bible on revenues and forecasts for every gaming destination on the planet.  This led to the pair becoming recognised as major players in the gaming industry.

The Innovation Group of Companies has expanded to become one of the leading consulting companies in the gaming industry with a financial division to fund projects and interests in the fields of:

  • Marketing consultancy (market research and developing marketing plans) to smaller casinos.
  • A food and beverage division offering research on customer preferences and trends with progressive business planning services.
  • A construction division that assists tribes and small casino owners undertaking construction/renovation with project management services.
  • A management division to take over operations at a distressed property.

From an international point of view, Steve Rittvo has been making inroads into other markets in Asia, South America and Europe where his expertise has proved invaluable to clients.  His expertise in developing and refining forecasting models for casino revenue has made him a legend in the gaming and hospitality industries.  He forecasts that there are dynamic times ahead for the international market and is determined to use the combined expertise and experience of the Innovation Group to “help people set up systems that will really work for them”.