Posted January 30, 2014 by John Baintree in News

The Best Buffets in Vegas


Sin City didn’t earn its name through moderation – excess is the order of the day in Vegas! Normally, you may associate buffets with lots and lots of cheap, poor quality food. However, that theory does not apply to Vegas. Many of the large gambling resorts have top quality buffets of extravagant size, that offer some of the most delicious food you can find in Las Vegas. The buffet really does represent accessible luxury for those visiting Vegas. Whether you are in Nevada for business or pleasure, these eateries will be sure to hit the spot.


Bacchanal Buffet, Caesar’s Palace


The resort owners in Vegas know that food is big business, so much so that the Bacchanal Buffet cost a whopping $17 million to build. With a construction price tag like that, it is fairly obvious Caesar’s Palace want this buffet to be the best in Vegas, offering a delicious, gluttonous experience. The buffet has been  cited as the best buffet in Vegas by many sources, including USA Today, and is rapidly winning over a loyal customer base. The Bacchanal serves all the Vegas buffet favourites, including prime rib, king crab leg and mountains of succulent shrimp. All of these are cooked flawlessly, meaning that the Bacchanal is one of the best buffets you can eat at in Vegas.


The Wicked Spoon, The Cosmopolitan


If you ask Vegas regulars what their favourite buffet is, they will frequently point you in the direction of The Wicked Spoon. The Wicked Spoon takes a new approach to the buffet style restaurant, insisting that it is a food hall, not a traditional buffet. This means fresh food is the order of the day. While The Wicked Spoon may be more pricey than the slew of other Vegas buffets, you really do get what you pay for. Quality meat and seafood is plentiful, with the dishes presented in a unique, refreshing way. This is a break from the slop-as-much-as-you-can-onto-your-plate method of buffet dining, with many of the dishes coming in their own pots and dishes. For those who do not like the traditional format of the buffet, or feel that the quality of buffet food is usually poor, should definitely eat at The Wicked Spoon – their minds will soon be changed.


Carnival World Buffet, Rio


The Carnival World Buffet is a cheaper option than those previously mentioned, but it still offers one of the widest selections of food in the state. Again, this buffet has received heaps of praise from both critics and ordinary diners. This buffet even has chefs cooking food to order, right in front of your eyes, so you can be sure of how fresh it is. Again, this buffet is heralded for its sea food, but also its ribs, which are favourites in Vegas.


Vegas has a lot of food options, with these 3 being some of the favourites. This article has not bothered to rank them numerically, as that would be a very difficult task. All of the buffets have received prestigious accolades, with vast amounts of customers flocking there regularly. Your preferred dinging style and budget will determine which buffet is your favourite, but generally, any of these will serve up a delicious treat. Finally, it is important to note, as with all Vegas buffets, queues to get into the restaurant are the norm and can sometimes be in excess of a half hour wait. That being said, do not expect to walk straight into one of these places, and plan well ahead.