Posted May 7, 2014 by John Baintree in News

Top 10 must watch players at the 2014 world cup


Got your bets placed yet? Before the odds stat to shorten as the tournament approaches have a gander at the following top 10 players in this summers World Cup – it might give you an idea about what to bet and when.

  1. Christiano Ronaldo – Portugal, favoured to win award after award at the tournament this summer, Ronaldo is without doubt the player to beat. His staggering pace and marksman like accuracy when he places a shot mean he is probably the top all round footballer in the world today.
  2. Lionel Messi – Argentina, beloved by the Barca faithful Messi seems finally to be achieving at the right level in the international game. Coach Alejandro Sabella has worked wonders structuring the game and his team to play to Messi’s considerable strengths. Who’d be a defender eh?
  3. Neymar – Brasil, another of the one named wonders this country is famed for producing. Neymar is part of a team that is shouldering it’s nation’s hopes. There is a clear expectation for a sixth Brasil victory but the jury is out and it seems unlikely that even with Neymar’s prodigious talents, the tournament will probably be won by an away team.
  4. Andrea Pirlo – Italy, it is rumoured that Pirlo is to retire from the international game after Brasil 2014. Despite this, he is the star player in the Italian side and manager Cesare Prandelli can be seen creating a team around his strengths.
  5. Mario Gotze – Germany, after an injury plagued season, Mario Gotze has returned to fitness and form in a way that can only have delighted team manager Pep Guardiola. At the age if 21 he is very young to be playing at full international level but he has a firm grasp on the tactical side of playing football that makes him very dangerous indeed.
  6. Andres Iniesta – Spain,  currently on the books at Barcalona, Iniesta brings maturity and depth of play to the Spanish team. If you think that at 29, he is likely to be past his sell by date, don’t make that mistake. His level of fitness combines with his maturity and experience to make him one to watch.
  7. Arjen Robben – Netherlands, after some troubling times at Bayern Munich, Robben has spectacularly re-established himself this season. His blistering speed and deft touches make him the sort of player that every defender dreads squaring up to. With coach van Gaal’s open and freer form of play it could well be that Brasil 2014 is Arjen Robbens time come at last.
  8. Wayne Rooney – England, is probably more valued outside of England than he is in. The England faithful are divided about the merits of this key player but what is clear beyond doubt, is that if England are to start achieving in Brasil then Rooney’s role is critical. It seems most likely that Hogson will create a team, set pieces and moves around the prodigious talents of this young man.
  9. James Rodriguez – Columbia,  currently plays for AS Monaco and he is part of a side that were dominant in the South American CIONEMBOL tournament. Rodriguez is without a doubt the shining star of the Colombian national side but perhaps even his immense talent is not enough to see Columbia achieve any degree of success.
  10. Eden Hazard – Belgium, Belgium, are considered something of an outsider or this summer’s tournament. As part of a team with a particularly physical approach the game, Eden Hazard is coach Marc Wilmot’s solution to bolstering midfield and ensuring that enough balls are fed to strikers Beneteke and Lukaku.