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World Cup 2014 – Where to place your money

World Cup Qualifiers May Have Been Fixed
World Cup Qualifiers May Have Been Fixed

In the run-up to this summer’s soccer-fest in Rio de Janeiro, many avid soccer fans will be looking to sharpen their excitement with a few well placed bets on the outcome of the tournament. If you’re looking for a little guidance on where to place your hard earned cash, what follows are thoughts the key outcomes in the competition.

The Final Winners  - John Pentin, head of content at bettingtips4you.com sounds like a man in the know. His predictions stick quite safely with one of the big four; Brazil, Spain, Argentina or winners last time round, Germany. According to Pentin, Spain give the impression of having gone off the boil somewhat but might be worth a bet for reaching the semi-final stage of the knockouts. Despite appearing to falter in recent months, the German squad is now rich with experience. It has talent that could see them lift the trophy for the second time in a row.  Argentina, whilst still a top team, have shown defence weaknesses so this prpbably puts them out of contention for a final place. Pentin goes with a Germany-Brazil final with the home advantage seeing Brazil eventual winners.

The Wold Cup Golden Boot Award has gone by various names in its history including the Golden Shoe and the Adidas Golden Shoe award before returning to its original name. It is awarded each tournament to the most prolific goal scorer. Neymnar of Brazil will be at the top of must pundits list as the man to back for this tournaments Golden Boot. The case for backing him became even stronger after he won the “2013 Confederations Cup Golden Ball award. In close contention comes Argentinian Lionel Messie but he does appear to have problems recreating his devastating club performances at international level. Europen Cristiano Ronaldo is also worth a punt with more than 100 caps to his name he has international experience by the bucket load.

The World Cup Golden Ball, awarded every tournament since 1930 goes to the player who is felt to have outperformed everybody else. Key contenders for the title include Neymar who has delighted the faithful in Barcelona this year. Also mentioned widely is Belgium’s Eden Hazzard although his chances of winning may be somewhat diminished if Belgium Fil to outperform expectations. Germany’s Muller and Uruguay’s Suarez are also contenders but once again their chances are linked to their teams overall performance meaning the final choice is likely to be between Neymar and Muller.